Our company

Gemma, founded in 1981 by E. Mellos, is one of the largest import, commercial and productive companies in agricultural sector of our country. Our aim is to offer a wide range of top quality products for hobby and professional use. In our product list are included: fertilizers, seeds, bulbs, transplants, seed potatoes, onion sets and many others. Our experience and deep knowledge of consumer’s needs according with long-lasting cooperation with more than 2.000 stores (agronomist shops and garden centers) all over Greece has turned us into one of the leading companies in hobby market.

Our philosophy

“We provide well-designed products of high quality, environmentally friendly and safe to use.” Representing top foreign firms for many years ensures the quality and reliability of our products, combined with the customized design of their package (specialized in local needs) have built a strong brand awareness in a very unstable financial period for Greek economy. By adding more innovative products in our gamma, we increase the yield of the fields, retain the strong sales network and maintain the sales-growth of the last years.

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1981: Foundation of the company by mr. Evangelos Mellos. Main activity of the company was importing and distributing flowerbulbs for the hobby and professional market.

1986: Import and distribution of chemical fertilizers.

1996: Import and distribution of seeds from Suba Group Italy.

1998: New branch opening in the central flower market of Athens.

2004: Grand opening of new warehouse and office facilities of 1.800 sqm in Acharnes (Athens).

2005: Gemma becomes the sole importer of DCM fertilizers from Belgium.

2010: Grand opening of new factory of 2.500 sqm in the industrial region of Acharnes (Athens) for the production of aerosol sprays, repacking fertilizers and seeds.

2011: Import and distribution of potato and onion seeds in the greek market.

2013: New production line of glue products for pest control operators and agricultural use.

2015: Exports to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Lebanon.

2017: New production line of non woven frost protection textiles.

2018: New production line for repacking fertilizers in 2 and 5 kg packages.

2020: Corporate rebranding after 39 years of operation!

2020: New production line for repacking sulphur in powder and granular form.

2021: New fully automated production line for repacking seeds in small packets.

2021: Celebration of our 40-year anniversary!

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