Collaborations - Foreign suppliers

Since 1981 we create longlasting and fruitfull cooperations with our suppliers. Our aim is to ensure the high quality of our products under a stable and sincere collaborative environment. Some of our foreign suppliers are listed below:

gemma De Ceuster Meststoffen - Organic Fertilizers (Belgium)
DCM has over 37 years of experience in developing, producing, and marketing premium quality soil fertility products. Its fertiliser line is regarded by professionals and amateur gardeners as the most unique, carefully engineered, and precisely formulated plant nutrition products available. Today, DCM offers its clientele an extensive gamut of over 300 different product formulations, representing several grades. All of these products are manufactured in DCM’s own state-of-the-art production facilities, where great effort is exerted in developing internal standards to ensure plant, animal, and human health and safety. All DCM products not only conform to EU standards (i.e.  E.U. Regulation 1069/2009, E.U. Regulation 889/2008, E.U. Regulation 834/2007, Implementing E.U. Regulation 354/2014), but comply with the more restrictive Belgian law (KB of January 28, 2013 and amendments).

gemmaVebi Instituto biochemico - Pest control products (Italy)
Vebi Instituto Biochemico uses biochemistry to research, manufacture and market hygiene, health and beauty solutions.

Their skilful choice of effective biochemical formulations and practices have made them one of the most important companies in Italy for their ability to resolve problems linked to safety and health.

Their solid, flexible and dynamic strategy works with international markets innovatively and with a large manufacturing capacity and wide ranging distribution network.

gemmaHortus Sementi Srl - Seeds (Italy)
Hortus Sementi S.r.l., a company belonging to Suba Group, trades in seeds since 1992. Thanks to this belonging, it can see some fundamental points for its own work: 1) Most of varieties present in our catalogues, are multiplicated with our stock seed; 2) The productions are all tested in our trial-field by specialized technicians; 3) Seeds are analysed in our laboratory and public external analysis laboratory too, which check the correspondence to current laws; 4) Packaging of seed is made in ideal areas, using high-tech machines, which guarantee maximum execution precision. Hortus Sementi S.r.l. works using a selling net operating all over Italy and directly with importers all over the World.Every line is composed by a range of many references, able to satisfy customers’ requests and final consumers’ ones.For more, our structure makes possible to install customers’ own trademark lines, starting from graphical propose, to final product realization.

M. Thoolen Flowerbulbs (Holland)gemma
M. Thoolen Flowerbulbs has been established since 1894, and offers a complete range of pre-packed Flowerbulbs, to garden centres, supermarkets, DIY and mail-order companies.
They export all over Europe, the Far East and the USA.Because of its international partnerships, M. Thoolen BV, has access to production- and distribution facilities in the UK, Germany and Hungary.

Binst BreedinggemmaSelection
Binst Breeding Selection is one of the oldest potato companies in Belgium and has a rich history. Since its creation, it has grown to be the largest potato trading company in the country. Today, Binst Breeding & Selection focuses exclusively on multiplication of seed potatoes. 
Thanks to its many years of experience, Binst Breeding & Selection has developed an excellent nose for new potato varieties. The range of varieties is regularly adjusted thanks to the close cooperation with breeding stations in the Netherlands, Germany and Scotland.
Binst Breeding & Selection feels perfectly at home in the overseas markets and is familiar with the specific needs, local customs and legal formalities.

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